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We encourage you to go through our FAQs below, but if you don't see what you're looking for, do drop us a message and we'll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions is a mobile-optimized single-webpage that's packed with features that's aimed at pleasing your mobile visitors. Features include instant click-to-call buttons, business is "open/closed" indicator, click-to-route business location, and much more. You are given a fixed URL where your Conttact Card can be viewed OR you have the option to customize your URL with your existing company domain.
  • Your current and potential customers.

    Having a Conttact Card gives end-users all the information that they will need regarding your business and are given an instant call to action interface so you can be reached conveniently.

  • You as a business.

    Placing all your contact details including your social networks as well as other business-information, in one convenient location, makes it easier for you to share and spread your contacts. You only need one link to rule them all.

Google search results that return a company's contacts are collated by an algorithm. The information listed from other websites is oftentimes out-dated, insufficient, in-accurate, and simply unreliable. For your branding needs, it's only important that your current or potential customers get your official Conttact Card with information reliably created by you.
Sign up for a free account and our system will give you an easy-to-follow how-to on creating your first Conttact Card.
A Conttact Card's main aim is for your customer to connect with you, with the least effort possible. This is the sole purpose of the Quick Access Bar at the top of every Card. The Quick Access Bar consists of 4 important action buttons:
  • Call
    Include your business's contact number/hotline in your Conttact Card, and your customer can tap this button to instantly dial you.
  • Email
    Include your business's email address in your Conttact Card, and your customer can instantly drop you an email in case it's past your business hours.
  • Route
    Include your business's address and co-ordinates in your Conttact Card, and your customer taps this button to instantly locate you on Google Maps or Waze.
  • Open/Close indicator
    State your business hours in your Conttact Card, and this will tell your customer whether your shop/office is open or not, in real-time. This will help your customer to make an instant decision on how they should contact you at that moment.
You can create 10 Conttact Cards under one account. Should you need more cards under your account, you can purchase a custom url or a custom card name to get 10 more cards per purchase.
We have sharing options seamlessly intergrated in our system where you can easily share each card with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ friends, not to mention email, sms, or qr code for convenient link sharing.
There are two ways to toggle Privacy:
  • You can toggle the privacy of your Company from the Company Profile page. Your company will not be searchable nor will your company details show in public listings. However, public Conttact Cards under your Company account will still be searchable and listed.
  • You can toggle the privacy of each of your Conttact Card by clicking on Mark as 'Public/Private' from the dropdown options for each card in the Card Listing page. Private cards will not be searchable, nor will they show in public listings.
When you create a Conttact Card, the URL link for your card is (“abc” being an system-generated unique ID). For an affordable fee, you can customize this URL in two ways:
  • Get a Custom URL. Customize your existing company domain name, where your Conttact Card can be viewed from
  • Get a Custom Card Name. Replace your system-generated unique ID, where your Conttact Card can be viewed from (where “sg” is your country's ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code; sg stands for Singapore). You can purchase your Custom Card Name for more than one country.
In your Custom URL listing page, each claimed Custom URL has a label that says “Assigned to card: unassigned”. Click on the unassigned link to select which Card to display for this Custom URL and save.
Take the following steps for your Custom URL to display the Conttact Card:
  • On your server's DNS manager Control Panel, add a new subdomain by adding a "CNAME" record using the prefix “cc”.
  • Assign this new entry to point to
  • Head to "" to view your Conttact Card!
Although mainly optimized for mobile use, Conttact Cards works just as well when accessed from other platforms such as tablets or desktops.
Yes you can! Along with other analytics that you will certainly find essential to adapt your advertising or branding campaigns for better success rates. You can view the analytics of each of your cards by clicking on “Reports” on the left navigation menu.
Yes, you may terminate your account at any time from the Account page.
  • Click on the “Extras” Tab and select “Terminate Account” option.
  • You will be taken to the “Terminate Account” tab and led to your account deletion.
  • Take note that all the cards under your account will be deleted as well, and no refunds will be given for customized URLs, should you decide to terminate your account before reaching your Cards' expiry date.